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Cop Stop Guardian is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as a third party mediator during traffic and police stops. This is to help diffuse any tensions and miscommunication that may occur between driver and officer. We want to eventually prevent the many accidental deaths that result therefrom. We want to also help inform and educate the public on the basic local traffic  laws that govern the community in their everyday affairs. We at Cop Stop Guardian know that everyone wants to get home safely from any police stop, Citizens and law enforcement alike!

Some of the main obstacles preventing this from happening are:

  • Fear of bodily injury from the Citizen to the officer and vice-versa.
  • Citizens lacking the proper awareness, information, and education of the local laws that govern basic traffic and police stops.
  • Citizens and law enforcement having a misplaced prejudice of each other in our communities.
  • The lack of understanding and enforcement of what our natural rights are and what our civil rights are; which often leads to an unnecessarily anxious and tense police stop.
  • Improper or insufficient training on behalf of police officers on how to lessen tensions without lethal violence.
  • A few nefarious police officers who clearly do not have the Citizen’s best interest or preservation of human rights in mind or at heart.

It is our Passion and Mission to Serve as a pathway of communication between law enforcement and citizens during traffic stops until both citizens and law enforcement gain the desired confidence and proper education to create a permanent relationship of trust, understanding, respect and eventually Community between the two. How do we plan to do this you ask?

With The Cop Stop Guardian Smart Phone App!


With a push of a button, the Cop Stop Guardian Smartphone App can assist you in communicating effectively with law enforcement so that you can get to your destination safely and confidently without incident. Remember, the 1st rule in getting home safely from a police stop is effective Communication. Help us to increase the lines of communications between you and law enforcement for these reasons:


  • To create a safe third-party mediation and accountability system for police stops in America.
  • To educate the communities on local laws that govern traffic stops and Secure their rights.
  • To educate the public on proper demeanor, rapport and protocol for a traffic stop.
  • To lessen and eventually eradicate the many violent and deadly traffic stops that occur among a high number of disenfranchised Americans.
  • To create a neutral, third-party national database on abusive and corrupt members of law enforcement who misuse their authority.
  • To reinvigorate a sense Justice among the People who fear unjust violence by corrupt police officers.
  • To create a sense of Community and Unity among all people.
  • To ensure law abiding law enforcers are NOT falsely accused and unjustly persecuted.
  • To bring together our Communities with law enforcement for a better understanding of each other and our roles in America, in order to lessen the unnecessary violence and tensions.

App Features:

Please note: this App will need your phone camera to have a dash/window mount in order to record hands free at the traffic stop.

  1. When the App is activated, your camera is turned on and immediately begins recording the police stop. The Cop Stop Call Center is immediately notified and the App user’s phone mic is automatically turned on in speaker mode. The call center operator will notify the officer that the traffic stop is being monitored by a third party video and audio recording service for the safety of both the driver and the officer(s).
  2. The Cop Stop operator will then ask the present officer(s) for his/her name(s) and badge number(s) to submit for verification as well as to file charges in case of any misconduct. Simultaneously, a Cop Stop Flash Mob distress signal will be sent to other App users within a half a mile radius to mob that traffic stop for Community support and for extra video documentation. An Alert Notification will also be sent to App users nationwide regarding the traffic stop.
  3. This App will contain a register of phone numbers of community activist groups for citizens in need or who want to get involved.
  4. Also, the App will be able to send distress alert to family and friends within an emergency contact list.

Additional Features:

        • All personal information needed by law enforcement in a traffic stop; e.g.… Federal or State issued ID information such as a Driver’s License, if the driver is licensed to carry a firearm (if applicable as some states have open carry laws), any sensitive medical condition(s) such as being hearing impaired, Foreign languages spoken etc..
        • Video Clips (as well as a virtual “Legal Library”) teaching users Basic traffic and civil rights law as well as correct “pull over” procedures, which will include proper demeanor, rapport and articulation with law enforcement.
        • Online public forums to connect and encourage users across the country to establish law study and legislative activity groups.
        • An online database for rating local law enforcement agencies and their agents. User-generated content will create an impartial rating system to present and highlight the noble merits of the many officers who are courteous and professional in every community interaction, across America. It will contain informational links to facilitate connections between citizens and local law enforcement for a productive interaction on how to ease tensions and create trusting relationships within communities across America.
        • Information on Trauma support groups for victims of police brutality and those injured during police traffic stops.
        • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

Video Courtesy of http://flexyourrights.org/


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” We at Cop Stop Guardian want our Communities to have the ability and confidence to lessen tensions and remove many misunderstandings and the potential lack of communication that may exist between law enforcement and Citizens. Our goal is to help educate Citizens about: their Rights and Responsibilities, the do’s and don’ts of police stops, and how to eradicate the often tense situations that may lead to violence and/or death during police stops.


One of our main functions will include a neutral, third-party call center that will monitor, record and log all calls made to it by app users. While this app is designed to promote the proper behavioral protocol by Police Officers and Citizens as specified within the law , this Service is to be used ONLY as a general resource of information. The assistance of a third-party “witness” will serve as a neutral guide and if need be mediator, while not interfering with any police procedure.


The root meaning of the word Community is “Together as ONE.” We believe when people come together for a beneficial cause, personal biases are discarded, and individuals morph into a single organism. It is Cop Stop Guardian’s hope to provide an environment of offline/online open forums of productive discussions about tips, techniques, and policies that can be implemented to save lives. Also, we want to build a creative and pro-active network of communities of various backgrounds that support our cause, in an effort to bring people together within a common goal: the dedication to human rights, public safety and equal protections under the law being enforced.


We at Cop Stop Guardian support the Law and its proper enforcement. We want to serve our communities by helping to educate all people on the laws that govern police stops as well as their every day affairs, and those which secure the Rights of Citizens, especially in times when they think they have none. We believe in Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Equality for everyone under the Law. We stand in support of every Individual, Group, and Organization who are dedicated to helping people understand these Rights and Protect those who are misrepresented and discriminated against under the Color of Law.

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    Herman McKinney
    CSG Team Member

    Herman McKinney, an attendee of the University of Texas campus in Arlington, has an A.S. degree in Applied Sciences in Engineering and Computer Drafting and Design, and has over 10 years experience in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. He believes that with the possession of knowledge, lives the wealth of people, and there is a responsibility for all People to use and share that wealth with all communities in the world to help foster the manifestation of a better world to live in.

    Herman McKinney
    CSG Team Member
    William Schumacher

    William Schumaker, a graduate of Ohio State University with a B.A. degree in Engineering, believes in the valuable aspect of T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More. By working together and utilizing each other's positive talents and energy, there is nothing we cannot do to continuously improve our local and global community.``

    William Schumacher
    David Reid

    David Reid, a Hofstra University Graduate, with a B.A. degree in Legal Studies in Business, is an individual who ensures everybody around him that with love, hard work, the fellowship of good people, and the promotion of positive group activity often leads to the cultivation of sacrifice for the greater good; all pursuant to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, & Equality.

    David Reid
    Kevin Barringer

    Kevin Barringer
    John Young III

    “A Delawarean, born & raised. Life to me is a scale - one end is work and one is play, it just depends on which end is your weight.”

    John Young III

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    “I want to ensure that my passion for helping others, along with my knowledge in legal studies, can be utilized to benefit all People and communities I come into contact with, in order to overcome injustice and inequality in our society ; One Mind equals One Love, my people; Peace and Love is my motto.”
    David Reid - Co- Creator


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